Thursday, January 18, 2007

OBJECT TROUVÉ 4 texts published in internet

Author: mario_cadaia from Porto, Portugal

(...)"This film is made of emptiness, as the land where it is passed, the characters are purposely empty to transmit that there is no time or space characterized…It's all done in an ambiguous space and time, because there isn't a linear story telling, there isn't even a plot, but just a complex puzzle of pieces of scenes which can be changed from the end to the beginning, to the middle…The film is made in a kind of a spiral form...(...) and I agree with them! The movie really creates a sensation of crudeness and emptiness in the viewer, which are transmitted especially by the characters, the scenarios, the music and the few dialogues (a great part of the film has no dialogs… many expressions and feelings are just transmitted by the body… corporal language…). But there are feelings, mixed with that emptiness, there are desires, there are hopes, even if they seem to be lost sometimes… About other details, the film causes a special impact with some musical scenes… Especially those when the strong beat of the "Raves" crush the stereo speakers! Its impact it's even bigger when it passes from a calm scene, with almost no sounds, to an intense and loud techno music scene, or vice-versa. It has a strong visual and audio impact! By the way, the entire soundtrack is excellent mixing some punk-rock sounds of the eighties (especially from German bands), with techno music or even the industrial sounds of Einsturzende Neubauten.It really was a different film. It has something new, a new language, or at least it tries to do so… but I guess it can reach its purposes, if not all of them, many are fulfilled.(...)


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