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Between 19-29 july

BODY RICE is in the competition/ oficial section of the


taking place in WROCLAW- Poland

Similarly to the past editions, the most important part of the festival will be the New Horizons International Competition covering 18 films that have not yet been presented in Poland, and which are carefully selected from among hundreds of titles shown at international festivals and film markets.
Thinking about the form of the competition, the organisers adopted the following question as the starting point: is there place in the 21st century cinematography for directors going against the trends, for individualists pursuing their own styles, using a unique language that cannot be imitated?
The appreciation given each year to the proposals and the positive opinions of the general public convince us that the audience awaits such cinema. The films shown during the competition always arouse extreme emotions, admiration, or protests - they do not let themselves to be forgotten. They are the ones that are most talked about on our internet forum and the festival’s Hyde Park. The NEW HORIZONS film festival would simply not exist without them.
Every year one of the films participating in the competition receives a GRAND PRIX – the festival’s main prize awarded by the public. As one can see, our public is just as unpredictable as the films themselves. So far sublime pictures of renown directors (Dolls by Takeshi Kitano in 2003), as well as brilliant and rebellious débuts (La sagrada familia by Sebastian Campos in the last edition) have been winning so far; as well as private dramas (Brodeuses by Eléonore Faucher in 2004), as well as independent extravagancies (Tarnation by Jonathan Caouette in 2005). Which film will the audience pick this time? We will find out in July.

ERA NEW HORIZONS is a festival of films that go beyond the limits of conventional cinema. Deciding about the formula of our festival, especially of its competition part, we asked ourselves a question: is there in the 21st century cinema (shaped by the mass audience and its tastes) a place for directors who go against the current, for individualists who use their own style, their own inimitable language.
Such haughty artists still exist in different parts of the world, although they find it ever harder to realise their projects. And yet their art does have its lovers - it is for those lovers that the festival is organised.
Guided by our own taste, from among hundreds of films that are screened yearly at festivals all over the world, we choose those that due to their unusual form and force of expression will not let the audience forget them. All over the world, they give rise to polemics and discussions, praise and protest. And yet it is such films that usually set the newest trends in world cinema art.
ERA NOWE HORYZONTY is a festival of film visionaries, of uncompromising artists who have the courage to follow a path of their choice against the current trend and to tell about the most important things using their own unique language.
Roman Gutek – Festival Director


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