Friday, December 14, 2007

BODY RICE IN FRANCE (distribution)

PARIS jan. 2008


Avant-premiere date: 16 of January 2008 in Paris
Cinemas to be announced soon
Updated festivals, prizes and screening list 15 Dez.2007
Special Mention of the jury/ oficial section-Locarno 2006; Prize Best director/ oficial competition-Mexico city 2007; Prize Best director/ oficial competition- Buenos Aires 2007; Prize Revelação- Coimbra 2007; Prize Best Sound- oficial competition- Brazil 2007; Prize Best Cinematography- Brazil 2007
Berlin 2007 (Arsenal Kino); Leeds 2007 (competition); Roterdam 2007 (cinema of the future); Buenos Aires 2007 (competition); Mexico City 2007 (competition); Fortaleza/Brazil 2007 (competition); Hong-Kong 2007 (competition); Bangkok 2007 (competition); Era New Horizons-Poland 2007 (competition); Las Palmas 2007 (competition); Linz 2007 (competition); Brussels 2007 (révelations); Barcelona MICEC 2007 (screening); Amsterdam 2007 (Rialto cinema screening); Sta.Maria da Feira (Portugal) 2007- "realizador em foco"

11º Festival Luso-Brasileiro

Body Rice had a special screening at festival Luso-Brasileiro (Sta.Maria da Feira) near Porto (Portugal).

Director Hugo Vieira da Silva was invited to screen all his film works on documentary (Grupo Puzzle, Confesso-A.Mendes).

The festival invited also Hugo Vieira da Silva for a photographic installation (show at Quadrado Gallery in the same town).

Plus, the festival comissioned to Hugo Vieira da Silva a videoinstallation.
The installation called "We can't keep still" was made with several shots of "Body Rice" not used on the final editing of the film. 3 paralel running-screens and a large video projection took place of the biggest room of the festival facilities.

Hugo Vieira da Silva was awarded with "Realizador em foco" prize.